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Hot Hearty

Our chef carefully selects ingredients daily to ensure you get the finest quality and taste. Chef Zsolt routinely changes our "Chalkboard Specials" and the result is a delicious homestyle meal made just for you.

fresh local

A delicious home-cooked meal with fresh local ingredients. Enjoy a meal with family and friends in a relaxed environment. A new restaurant in Florence Oregon that you can call your own.

Sweet treat

All good things must come to an end... with dessert. Celebrate your special evening out with one of the selections from our dessert menu. These sweet items are carefully prepared with the freshest ingredients.


  • Welcome to the Bay View, Florence Oregon's new home for local, fresh and savory dining with a view.

    Come in and taste the all of the delicious new creations from chef Zsolt Barabas.



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Call us to reserve the Banquet Room or the Private Dining Room.

Award Winning

The Bay View Restaurant has won the 2015 Trip Advisor Award of Excellence for our consistently great reviews.